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Understanding ICAO English Web-conference Seminar

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Participate in a web-conference seminar at IAE from anywhere in the world. At a scheduled time, you connect to a virtual room and interact with the instructor and fellow students via web-conferencing software.

Course Fee: HKD150

*Early Bird Price: HKD100 (before 20 July)


- This Seminar is taught in Zoom 


All first-time web conference students must learn to use the software before their first class.

After you registered, you will find the candidate ID and the URL for web conference seminar from the confirmation email a week before the start of seminar.

- Join Meeting Test

Test your internet connection by joining a test meeting.



1. Students are prohibited from using recording devices of any kind in their courses.

2. Students are expected to treat web-conference class meetings as if attending at the classroom, which includes behaving professionally, treating others with courtesy and respect, refraining from using profanity or socially offensive language, wearing appropriate clothing, and avoiding inappropriate surroundings.

3. Students are required to have and use a camera and microphone when attending web-conference class meetings unless otherwise specified by the instructor.

4. Students should not join a class while driving or riding in a car. Students are expected to join from a suitable, quiet location, with a device that permits full participation in the class activities.

5. Students should not post, publish, sell, or otherwise publicly distribute course materials without the written permission of the IAE. Such materials include, but are not limited to, the following: lecture notes, lecture slides, video, or audio recordings, assignments, problem sets, other students’ work, and answer keys.




*Early Bird Price: HKD100 (before 20 July)


The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has established English language proficiency requirements (LPRs) for all pilots operating on international routes, and all air traffic controllers who communicate with foreign pilots. These standards require pilots and air traffic controllers to be able to communicate proficiently using both ICAO phraseology and plain English.

This 90-minute seminar is not designed to improve your English. It is designed however to:

- Make you familiar with the format of the ICAO Assessment.

- Give you the opportunity to practice the types of tasks you need to perform in the ICAO Assessment.

- Give you the opportunity to listen to other candidates’ responses and understand why they were strong or weak.

- Give you feedback on how you might improve your English generally, through further training.

1. This course does NOT teach you how to pass the ICAO English assessment. It is designed to develop your English skills with an aviation focus.

2. We at IAE endeavor to avoid any conflict of interest and request that anyone having taken their ICAO assessment with IAE, seek training from an alternative service provider.

3. Please note that it will be the same presentation as the one we organized before at PolyU and Aviation Club.