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IAE Foundation Aviation English Learning Package

Course Code
3 months
Course Fee
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IAE Foundation Aviation English Package includes:

  • a 100-hour web-based e-learning course developed especially to prepare students for English medium professional aviation training
  • Two RAELC Mock ICAO Test 
  • Debriefing on RAELC

Course Content

IAE offers you the opportunity to study English via distance learning, developing your language skills within a professional aviation context. These short, intensive 100-hour web-based learning courses are open to anyone with an interest and give you access to world-class learning led by Aviation experts:

  • Reading training courseware, aircraft manuals, regulatory documentation and articles from industry media
  • Listening to native and non-native English speaking instructors, students and training centre representatives
  • Developing competence with technical English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

IAE Aviation English Distance Learning is based on the EUROCONTROL Common Core Content and the EASA/FAA training syllabus and contains over 400 language activities across 15 modules covering a range of aviation subjects including:

  • Professional environment
  • Instrumentation
  • Human factors
  • Meteorology
  • Principles of flight
  • Mass and balance
  • Air Law
  • Airframes and systems
  • Operational procedures
  • Powerplant
  • Navigation
  • ATC systems and equipment
  • Electrics
  • Flight planning and performance
  • Air traffic management

Each module of IAE Aviation English Distance Learning centres on a subject-specific reading or listening text with accompanying comprehension activities to unlock meaning. Students are then guided through a variety of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation activities which allow controlled analysis and discovery of language form, function and meaning while focusing on accuracy, register and appropriacy in context.

**You are required to fill your full name, contact phone number and email for register this programme.

This course does not teach you how to pass the ICAO English assessment. It is designed to develop your English skills with an aviation focus.


Course Fee

The price for the package with a 3-month subscription to Foundation is HKD4000.

Once you have done the payment, please send an email to "ricky.lau@iaeltd.org" with your candidate no. (shown on the "My Profile" page).

The access code and details then will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Course Objectives

Unique: IAE Aviation English Distance Learning is the only English language course which specifically addresses requirements of students of aviation training.

Relevant: IAE Aviation English Distance Learning targets the professional aviation training context. Not only does this reduce the time required for language learning as there is no redundancy, but it means that students are more likely to cope when they begin English medium aviation training. This is because:

  • Students have been exposed to authentic language as it occurs naturally in aviation training
  • Students have been trained in the listening and reading skills crucial for successful aviation training
  • Students have increased familiarity with aviation as a by-product of content-driven language training.

Motivating: For aspiring pilots and air traffic controllers, the aviation-specific learning content improves motivation, which in turn promotes efficient language learning.

Comprehensive: With over 400 learning activities providing 100 hours of training, IAE Aviation English Distance Learning covers a range of aviation-related subjects.

Flexible: Accessible on a range of devices including smartphones and tablets, IAE Aviation English Distance Learning allows for independent study, which means that students can progress at their own pace and according to their individual needs.

Easy-to-manage: Learners can track their progress on a robust and user-friendly LMS. Corporate customers can monitor their trainees’ performance via the LMS at any time.